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Hi !  I'm Dale.  Preventing Chimney fires and solving fireplace problems since 1979


 I have decided to retire.  Recent surgeries to eliminate cancer have helped make that decision easier.

  Thank you for 44 years of keeping your woodburning appliances safe.

Fireplace and Woodstove Maintenance was our key to success.  

Chimney Top Protection

To keep out Chimney swifts and other birds...and those pesky raccoons..We offer chimney caps in every size possible.  There are many standard sizes and we also offer the ability to create any possible size and material that you desire.   Stainless Steel, and Copper are our most popular caps......Top sealing dampers are also a very popular option.  They give you top protection AND save energy. 

Improve your fireplace efficiency!

Glass Enclosures are a very popular choice in improving your fireplace efficiency.  Quality Glass doors and many popular designs can enhance the look of your fireplace, along with a severe decrease in heated air loss..Save alot of money....   We offer many fabulous models and finishes to increase the efficiency of your fireplace.  Our most popular Glass Enclosure is the Thermo-Rite line, manufactured in Akron, Ohio.

Or it can be as simple as adding a Fireback to reflect heat and protect that back wall "crack"  that seems to get bigger every year....

There are masonry repairs that we can accomplish. 

Those small nuisance repairs that take forever for your masonry company to get to... can be done by someone schooled by the best in the business, Southwestern Technical College, Pipestone, Minnesota.  Crown repair or coating, tuckpointing, waterproofing are all part of our expertise.  Free quotes are at your request..  If those repairs need more than we can provide, a referral is always available..

Gas Logs

Reaching a high in modern technology are gas log sets, either vented or ventless.  If you tire of building fires with cordwood and the endless cleanup, we can help.  If your fireplace has a natural gas connection, we can install state-of-the-art gas log sets.  The vented are very realistic, but require an open damper.  The ventless enable you to view a real fire and not open the damper, creating a beautifull fire environment, while adding valuable heat to your home.  No heat loss going up the chimney.  You may also add the convienience of a remote control so with the touch of a button you have instant ambiance!  Available in all sizes and a multitude of desirable logsets, including the fire crystal sets.  Free estimates.

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